Linear Regression

The Analysis Toolpak, a free excel add-in, allows users to run simple regressions.

How to Install the Analysis toolpak:

1) Open Excel 2013

2) Go to File-> Options

3) Click "Add-Ins"

4) Click "Go" next to manage excel add-ins

5) Check box next to Analysis toolpak in order to install and click "OK"

To Run a Regression in Excel:

1) Graph the data, it must be linear or else another type of regression must be run (i.e quadratic etc.)

2) On excel toolbar, go to Data-> Data Analysis

3) Select "Regression" and click "OK"

4)First select the Y variable, the dependent variable which is influenced by other factors.

5) Select the X variable(s), the independent variable(s), which are not influenced by other variables. These variables help to explain Y.

6) Run the regression

Regression Data Interpretation:


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